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~Mendoza~ started his musical journey early. At age 5 he had his first keyboard, a Hammond, that launched a career now spanning more than four decades! at the age of 12. That song entitled "When Will I See You Again"
His first venture into the professional world was in 1976 when he penned a song called “When Will I See You Again” which was published by Five Star Music Masters (Boston, Mass) and later purchased by a major label, and in turn encouraged him to write more. He want on to play in several bands in Alabama and Texas and even received top honors at the 1979 Alabama Bandmasters Association competition in Birmingham as a member of his school’s Jazz Band and took the individual top honor for his solo performance on Tenor Saxophone. It wasn’t until 1985 that ~Mendoza~ decided to turn pro as a singer. At a club called “Sid’s” in Lufkin, Texas he was singing a Michael Jackson hit “Lady In My Life” and was told that he had an awesome voice. That opened the floor to the ~Mendoza~ that most know today. Besides being a sought after producer he is well noted for his soulful vocal sound, where his biggest success has come in the R&B and Hip-Hop market charting a number 1 hit "Let Me Be Your Guy" in the United Kingdom that actually enjoyed a six month ride on the top 40 there in 1996. After a successful stint as one of three front men for the Southern California band called "Cultural Diversity" in the early 1990's, ~Mendoza~ went solo and moved to Texas where he picked up his Spanish/Mexican roots music again and eventually recorded a single in 2005, called "Peligrosa" with award winning Tejano band Los Jalapeños that enjoyed wide radio airplay in the US and Mexico. Sharing the stage with some of the top acts in the world, he has performed in the United States, Mexico, Italy, Japan and the Phillipines and is looking to broaden that horizon in the future. ~Mendoza~ has a brand new album called "No More Questionz" that is loaded with16 tracks including the highly anticipated single called "I Can't Get Enough" produced by 3-Time Grammy Award winning producer Chris Dominguez (Formerly with the Kumbia Kings) in Texas. This song features URB Records recording artist Tron on the track. “Te Extraño Tanto Ahora” is a song written by Aldo Del Gado from Mexico and has already made an impact on radio in North America. "Gotta Have U" is a Hip-Hop song written and performed by ~Mendoza~ featuring long time friend Nexxis, aka Larry "Tank" Jones. Other artists appearing on the album include Daylight, Diverse and D-Ron. ~Mendoza~ will be working hard to complete two new albums for 2016 so be on the lookout for these CDs.
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